Natchez Lawn Service: How Much Does Lawn Care Really Cost?

Some folks tend to believe that regular lawn care service in Natchez is an expensive luxury, but it’s not always the case; especially if you have a regular sized lawn without a ton of obstacles.

The most difficult factor in determining the cost of lawn care in Natchez is that no property is similar because of the rolling hills of the city. When the city of Natchez was being developed, roads were cut into and through the hills creating unique and sometimes difficult landscape to maintain.

The steep hills and slopes in the Natchez area sometimes requires a lawn company to have multiple types of equipment to service the lawns, so this is a big factor in pricing.

For the most dramatic landscapes in Natchez, a lawn care company may have to mow the flat areas of your lawn with a commercial riding mower, and then use a push mower or weed eater to maintain the steep slopes. Properties that need multiple pieces of equipment may cost slightly more than a generally flat property that can be maintained without having to pull out multiple pieces of equipment in order to complete the lawn service.

There are a few variables that contribute to the monthly cost of lawn maintenance in Natchez.

1. The size and layout of your lawn
2. Whether or not your property has steep hills to maintain
3. The number of obstacles and sidewalk (or driveway) to trim with handheld machines
4. Frequency in which you want service, weekly or bi-weekly

The size, layout, terrain, and number of obstacles in your lawn will be the determining factor for the cost of each service, and the frequency in which you want service will obviously be the determining factor of your monthly cost.

On average a typical lawn that needs weekly lawn maintenance that consists of mowing, trimming, and blowing off hard surfaces costs about $40-$65 per service. The price may vary depending on the number of obstacles, the amount of trimming that needs to be done, and the slope grade of your property terrain.

Natchez Lawn Companies come in all different shapes, sizes, and costs. Below is a brief description:

1. Legal Licensed Natchez Lawn Company: These guys have license and insurance, so their rates will be moderate to high-end, because of the additional costs to do business legally. Plus they have the insurance needed in case of any accidents to your property. Typically these lawn guys are serious, show up around the same time and on the same day each week (as long as weather permits).

2. Weekend Warriors: These guys are typically licensed and insured, however lawn service is not their main business. They will likely have a regular 9-5 job, and mow yards in the afternoons and the weekends. Weekend Warriors prices will be competitive, but possibly slightly lower than a full-time lawn service company. They are less likely in business for just the money, because they mow grass simply because they enjoy being outside and active.

3. Fly By Night Lawn Company: These guys are typically the cheapest. An average lawn mowing in the Natchez area could be anywhere from $20-$35 per service. However, they are most likely to be unorganized and unreliable as far as keeping their customers on a tight regular schedule. These Natchez lawn service companies generally disappear as quickly as they appear, especially when the Summer weather consistently turns out in the 90 degree range. This often leaves you back at square one in trying to find someone to take care of your yard. By the time these guys disappear, it’s difficult to find a replacement, because a majority of the more consistent and legal lawn service companies will be booked up unable to take new customers for the year.

Something to consider is that you will definitely get what you pay for when choosing a lawn care provider.

Resources: Todd Scott is the owner and operator of Bruin Lawn which services residential and commercial properties in the Miss-Lou area including Natchez, Vidalia, Ferriday, Lake St. John & Lake Bruin. You can find more information about the lawn care services he provides at the Natchez Lawn Service website.

Also, feel free to contact him at the phone number listed at his Lawn Care in Natchez contact page.