think of it as flight school

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Tigers; mixed media; 1998
colored pencil and brush & ink
Beth Peterson, 1998
You have found your way to the site of an erstwhile psychologist, a home-grown philosopher, a writer, and an artist! And all of these people are me!

Hi! My name is Beth Peterson. Don't worry about remembering it. What I hope you do remember is WingedBlue.... That way you can find your way back here!

WingedBlue? What the Heck Does That Mean?

If you look above, you'll see the WingedBlue logo: a blue pegasus in flight. You'll also see the phrase, "think of it as flight school". I envision creativity as flight, but also personal and spiritual growth. But none of these thing 'just happen' --- they take Work. Effort. Practice. Shift your perspective, if you will, and you will begin to see that Life is...well...flight school.

What Will You Find Here?

Many, many years ago, WingedBlue began as a place for me to display my artwork and share a few thoughts. Then I began adding articles on different aspects of art, especially some of the logistical questions that I had fielded for myself and had heard others ask a number of times. I then began sharing some of my ideas on intense, extreme levels of interpersonal manipulation onto WingedBlue. Over time, this site has had many variations, but the core of it all has been what I want to communicate with you and others.

Something that has burned in my soul since my twenties has been the understanding of how one person can destroy the autonomy of another person or group. I have personally experienced this. The experience literally changed everything I had assumed my life would be about. After experiencing it for myself, I threw myself into researching the hell out of "coercive persuasion" and extreme interpersonal manipulation. From there I have also delved into other areas of interpersonal relationships and mental healthiness.

Knowledge and understanding are not enough, however. I am driven to try and share what I have discovered with others. With you. You will find articles dealing with these topics under Psychosocial Writings because they deal with how we work as individuals, within social relationships, and as a society.

Along with the articles, I also have done (and hope to get the kinks worked out to do more) videos which I've put up on YouTube. Although most of these are on personal growth and extreme manipulation, you'll find a few oddballs up there, too.

The other extremely important part of my life is my creative work. Earlier, this had been focused mainly in the visual arts, especially painting and studio ceramics. The Gallery has some of the pieces I like the best, as well as some of my current work. However, over the decades I have also become a writer. I can't help but work to put thoughts and ideas into words so I can share them that way with others, too. Especially when it comes to questions others have asked regarding how to do something or how to best approach a problem. Ergo, yes! Again there is a section for writings! Art Articles has tips on logistics, reviews of some art-related products, how-to articles (especially for ceramics and watercolor), and more.

Lately, I've also had to come to grips with my physical health. Or rather, the lack thereof. *rueful chuckle* So, I've added a section on Health and Well-Being with the hopes that some of what I have found may be of help to you or someone you know. You'll find information on autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, lymphedema, and general thoughts, research, and conclusions on general health and well-being.

So Please, come in! Grab a chair (the one by the window is comfy) and a cup of coffee (or tea if you'd rather). Check out my latest musings and such on WingedBlue's Blog and please, add your thoughts and comments!! (I love hearing them!)